Tail Flick Analgesia Test Equipment

Tail flick analgesia is a test performed on rodents using a pain response to measure tail flick latency. We are constructing this test equipment to enable the psychology department to have the ability to perform tail flick experiments. The main idea behind this equipment is a heat lamp controlled by an arduino. The arduino is the “brain” of the device and has the ability to turn on and off the heat lamp by means of a photo sensitive sensor. The rodent is restrained and its tail is placed directly beneath the heat lamp. The equipment is user activated via a button. At this time the heat lamp turns on. The rodents tail, being exposed to the heat lamp, will eventually flick at which point a photo sensor beneath the tail will detect the light from the heat lamp. When this happens the “brain” will immediately shut off the heat lamp and record the time and temp.

For more detailed information and to see our progress please check out ourĀ wiki!