Death of Net Neutrality

This year, we’re going to investigate how loss of net neutrality in the United States affects traffic on the Internet. To do this, we’re going to create a network of servers located all around the world. We will use these servers to monitor the evolution of network performance in the Internet as it changes in response to new government policies. With this information, we’ll be able to verify claims of performance changes and verify that stated policies match what is practiced.

The success of this project depends on our network of servers being as large as possible. This is because the size of the Internet makes analyzing all traffic that flows through it simply unfeasible. We must depend on a sample of traffic – the traffic between our servers. The larger and more geographically diverse our network is, the more meaningful our data will be because it will more accurately represent the performance of the Internet as a whole.

If you’re interested in helping us with this project in any way (especially if you have an Internet connection that you’d be willing to share), please contact Ian Egland at

We will documenting our methodology on this wiki. Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions.