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Images showing the progress of our project. In blog style!

Joe's Spring 2014 Board. Shows the critical components for the experiment in working order. Spring14Prototype.jpg
Joe's 05.15.2014 Prototype with additional button. To start the experiment test! TailFlickPrototype.JPG
Doc's 05.15.2014 Board. Shows the addition of a calibration unit off to the side. 05152014arduino.jpg
Doc's 05.19.2014 Board. Shows an LED Counter off to one side without a shift register. Led.png
Doc's 05.20.2014 Board. A button controlled shift register! Shift.png
Doc's 05.21.2014 Board. Shows a shift register hooked up to the 7 segment LED. Interacts with calibration and the experiment! ShiftLED.png
Doc's 05.22.2014 Board. Showing some board maintenance in preparation for new parts. FirstClean.png
Doc's 05.23.2014 Board. Showing most of the working parts including the temperature sensor and a second 7 segment LED and shift register. All digital ports on the Arduino are now in use! 2LEDandTemp.png
Doc's 05.23.2014 Board. The full working system which includes: a relay (inside the box at the bottom of the image) hooked up to a heat lamp (far left) running from the wall 120V through the relay, two 7-segment LED's (plus decimal point) to display status of the system, temperature in F to the nearest degree and time in seconds (22s displayed here) displayed with scroll to tenths of a second, a temperature sensor, a photoresistor to detect light (on the blue panel to the far right since this will not be sitting with the main board), a button (currently lit on the far right) to walk through the calibration process and a button (unlit) to start the experiment timer. FullSystem.png