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All platforms require the following:


Make sure all the required dependencies are installed, checkout a copy of the code from the SVN repository, change to the 'code' directory and type 'make'. Successfully built on: gNewSense 3 (final version from 2014), Arch Linux

Windows (Cygwin)

Download and install Cygwin. Make sure you install the dependencies listed at the top of this page. Checkout a copy of the code from the SVN repository (we use TortiseSVN on Windows). Launch Cygwin Terminal, change to the directory where you checked out a copy of the repository, change to the 'code' directory, and type 'make'.

Make failed? At time of writing, there seems to be a problem with Cygwin's copy of Boost. Some parts of the library are not accessible by names that they should be. In order to get around this, please use the following commands to make symbolic links to them.

cd /usr/lib
ln -s libboost_system.dll.a libboost_system-mt.dll.a
ln -s libboost_thread.dll.a libboost_thread-mt.dll.a


Coming soon!