Neural Networks!

The summer 2016 research has started with a bang. Learning tons about neural networks and finally to a place to begin development. Feel free to visit the wiki!

Tailflick Test Webpages

The webpages that will ultimately receive data from the Arduino as well as send, receive, and manipulate data from MySQL continue to be under construction. We have all been undergoing a steep learning curve in HTML and CSS, especially Joe who has never worked with web page development at all! The site will continue to… Continue reading »

Database and webpage

After a bit of research we have begun working on the software side of things. The plan at this point is to receive data from the arduino wi-fi shell into a webpage and send it to a MySQL database. Currently the database has been written, but the webpage is in progress.

Arduino code now available

A link to the arduino code for the tail flick project is now available under the “Software” section on the wiki page. The code will be automatically updated as we make edits to it so a current version will always be available.

Tail Flick Updates

Both the site and the wiki page have been updated for the tail flick equipment and some images have been uploaded to the wiki. Check them out here!